Welcome back to the Live Your Style blog! Today we are continuing on with the Design Style series I started in 2018 with the coastal design style. So if you love beachy vibes in your home and need some tips on how to achieve this design style, keep reading!

Here are the five elements to look for in a coastal inspired home:

  1. Neutral Color Palette with Pops of Blues and Greens
  2. Driftwood Elements
  3. Natural Texture
  4. Stripes
  5. Seashell, Seaglass and Boat Accessories

Before we dive into the elements of the coastal style, I want to distinguish between the California coastal style and the Florida coastal style. These are both coastal inspired styles, but do have some distinguishing differences. The California style is very neutral with lots of whites, creams, tans and muted blues and greens. It is a more modern take on the coastal design style and focuses on a lot of natural elements. Here is a good example of the California coastal style:

The Florida style on the other hand you will still see a mostly neutral color palette, but with more pops of brighter blues and greens. This is also the style where you will see more coastal figurines like seashells and boats. See the difference between the California style above and the Florida style below?

Now that we’ve distinguished between these two coastal styles, let’s get into how to implement this style into your home!

Neutral Color Palette

You want to try and create that feeling of being at the beach with your color palette so look for a lot of neutral, sand-like, colors for your larger pieces of furniture, and then you can add in the blues and greens of the ocean in accessories! Don’t forget to scroll all the way to the bottom of this post for some amazing shoppable coastal pieces I found!

Driftwood Element

Driftwood is also seen in the coastal style and it comes in a lot of different forms and applications. You can use driftwood in a big way in furniture pieces like coffee tables or dining room tables, or in smaller elements like a driftwood vase, organizational boxes (like this amazing linen box or this blue striped paper organizer) or literally a piece of driftwood placed in your bookshelf.

Natural Textures

The beach is a natural environment, so you want to bring all of those textures into your home in the form of linen, jute , seagrass, wicker and wood. A great way to add texture into your home is through pillows (like these linen looking pillows I found at Target), rugs (like this jute rug I actually have in my own home) or organizational aids like baskets and bins (checkout this super cute seagrass baskets)!


Stripes you see a lot in the coastal style and it more on the nautical side of the coastal style. The California coastal style loves itself some stripes because they are geometric and simple (like this pillow that was a neutral striped pillow), and the Florida coastal style loves brighter and colorful stripes (like the stripes on this adorable vase).

Seashells, Seaglass and Boat Accessories

Typical coastal shapes are seen more in the Florida style, but if you get simple and neutral elements (like this amazing seaglass wall hanging) they will fit in perfectly in the California style. But if you are the Florida style I highly recommend going to Homegoods if you have one near you because they have TONS of these types of accessories!

Shop The Coastal Style

I hope this post helped all of you coastal people out there get some inspo and now you feel more confident to decorate in this style. Let me know what style you are in the comments below. And as always, keep living your style!


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