Last week I did a blog post outline some tips and tricks for hanging art in your home. Click here if you want to learn more of my general rules of thumb you should follow when putting a new piece of art in your home. Now that you know all there is to know about actually putting art up in your home, you have to pick out some art to actually implement these tips! So today I am going to be giving you some tips on how to choose art that is cohesive with your specific design style. So find your design style below so you won’t have to stare at that giant white wall in your home anymore!

Tips for picking out art, and how to find art in your design style.


The boho style is fun for art because there really are no limits for what kind of art to choose. You can go for an art print of plants or cacti if you are a plant loving boho babe, or an abstract print with a bold color or pattern. You can also go tribal and get an art print with a tribal pattern, or put up a macrame wall hanging. Below are some of my favorite art pieces for the boho style!


The coastal design style is super simple when picking out art prints. Basically just pick out anything that reminds you of being at the beach! Whether that is an actual landscape print of the oceans, or a print of shells or palm trees or even an abstract print of different colors of blue and green. Just stick to a neutral, blue and green color palette and you can’t go wrong! Below are some great art prints for the coastal style!


Contemporary art is a fun one because an art piece in a contemporary space really ties the whole room together. There is no rhyme or reason in contemporary art so pick out an abstract piece that speaks to you and speaks to your color palette! Below are some great contemporary art prints I found!


The farmhouse style has many different options when it comes to art. You can go for a landscape print of an open field or horses (something like the bull print I have in my home), or you can get a classic farmhouse sign with a cute saying on it. As long as your frame is distressed wood or white washed wood, it will fit in with your farmhouse theme. Below are some great options for the farmhouse style!


Glam art prints are bold or metallic, or both! A lot of glam art is a mix of different colors and metallic on a canvas or is an ode to old Hollywood glamor or the fashion world. Below are some of my favorite art pieces that will make a big statement in any glam space!


Mid-century art plays with different shapes, bold colors and retro patterns. Find an art print that works with your color palette and adds visual interest to your space. You can go simple and get a geometric art print all in one color or go bold and have a retro style design with a bunch of funky colors. Below are some options for both the bold and the classic mid-century space!


The Scandinavian style is very simple and minimal, and so is the art you would put in a Scandinavian space. Simple geometric patterns or black and white prints will always fit in perfectly in a Scandinavian room. Below are some of the art prints I suggest for this style!


A large piece of art is normally the focal point in a traditional space. You can bring color into your space with a piece of art or a bring a classic landscape print or floral print. If you want to go for something a bit different, antique or gilded mirrors can also act as an art piece in a traditional space, and they really tie the room together and make it seem brighter and bigger. Below are some amazing traditional art prints I suggest!


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