Live It Journal Subscription Update

Thank you so much for your interest in the Live It Journal subscription! The Live It Journal subscription has recently undergone some changes and has merged with the Design Sessions.

If you are familiar with my mom, Rebecca Robeson, she is also an interior designer and YouTuber. She has a subscription serviced called the Design Sessions. Each month members of the Design Sessions receive, one, in-depth video on a specific interior design topic. The episodes are around 45 minutes to an hour long, and I my mom and I decided to get the band back together and do the Design Sessions together! The Design Sessions are our way of really helping you create that home you’ve always dreamed of having!

I encourage you to check out that subscription (it is the same price as the Live It Journal subscription). My mom and I put all of their efforts into making these videos fun and educational for Design Session members. We have already done a Session diving into the topic of Design Styles and another Session about Small Space Design. Join us on the Design Sessions and learn the tools you need to create a beautiful home that you are proud of!

Click here to head to the Design Sessions website!

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