Hello there, and welcome back to the Live Your Style blog! If you have been following along on the blog, you know I have been doing a Wedding Wednesday series. Each week I am giving you all of the tips and tricks I have to plan a beautiful wedding. Here are some of the topics we have covered so far (click on the titles if you want to learn more about that specific wedding topic):

Bride with updo hairstyle and low back wedding dress.

Now let’s get into my tips for wedding hair and makeup!


  1. The first thing I suggest when hiring your hair and makeup team for your big day is to try and hire them for multiple events leading up to your wedding. That means your engagement photoshoot, rehearsal dinner, everything! This will ensure that you are super comfortable and confident in the team you have hired. You won’t have any worries when it comes to your big day. If you don’t want to hire your hair and makeup team for all of these events, make sure you book at least two trials so you know what you are getting into.
  2. When you are getting your trials done pay attention to how long your hair and makeup take. You might be able to speed up the process a little bit on your wedding day, but you really want to allocate enough time so you aren’t stressing on your big day.
  3. Something else that was super helpful for me was that I had my hair and makeup done similar to how I wanted it on my wedding day the day I went to try on wedding dresses. This allowed me to see the full picture when picking out a dress, and gave me more of an idea of what I was going to look like on my wedding day.
  4. On my wedding day I actually had three different hairstyles. I had two dresses so the different hairstyles allowed me to highlight the features of each dress. It is great because I have so many pictures to choose from. If you have enough time for a hair change (or two), I highly recommend it!
  5. This is an interesting tip, but will make sure you look flawless in your wedding day photos! While SPF is great to use on a daily basis, skip it on your wedding day. The SPF in your moisturizer or foundation reacts poorly with flash photography and makes you look washed out and pale. Make sure none of the products you are using on your wedding day contain any SPF.
  6. When you are packing up your stuff for the big day make sure to pack a small touch up bag. Fill it with all of the essentials – mascara, setting powder, lipstick, etc. – so you can easily touch yourself up throughout the long day.

I hope this post helped all of you brides-to-be! Make sure to keep checking back here for more wedding related content. And as always, keep living your style!

Bride with hair half up half down hairstyle holding blush bouquet.
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